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Tagung "Again & Again", London 25.–26. April 2019

Lorenz Gilli hält einen Vortrag bei der Tagung "Again & Again. Musical Repetition in Aesthetics, Analysis and Experience" des Music Departments der City, University of London

Repetition is one of music’s most fundamental and definitive features. From the recapitulation in sonata form, to self-similar cells in the late music of Morton Feldman, to the layering of repetitive loops in Electronic Dance Music, to cyclical quasi-repetition in African drumming: the notion of repetition penetrates all areas and domains of music-making. In fields such as music production, industry, education, and performance, the notions of repetition and repeatability have similarly proven to be vital.

‘Again and Again’ aims to stimulate a broad, interdisciplinary conversation about musical repetition in its broadest and its most particular terms. We invite perspectives from across all domains of music studies, including music history, music theory and analysis, ethnomusicology, composition, performance, popular music studies, and sound studies.